Breaking The Myths Of Newborn Sleeping Habit

New parents are constantly on the receiving end of advice from friends, family, and acquaintances on how to raise their young ones. These bits of advice can range from neat little tricks that will work perfectly with any child to the downright strange. the Baby Guides has rounded up some of the most common myths that many people still think are true. A warning on the website states that improperly handing an infant’s sleeping behavior can lead to severe impairment.

One of the most common myths that people believe is that it is okay to put a newborn baby to sleep on its side or stomach. As one of the major causes of SIDS, putting a healthy child to sleep in any position other than its back should be avoided. Putting the newborn to sleep on its stomach or side can obstruct the still newly organs an can lead to choking, hernia, and paralysis. On the subject of putting a child to sleep, while it is frustrating to keep up with the erratic schedule of a newborn’s sleep pattern, instead of controlling it, the best thing to do is to work around it. Most children only wake up when they are hungry, want attention or are wet. Obstructing their natural sleep pattern for the first few months can lead to frequent tantrums and sleep deprived child.

May newborns and young children can be seen sleeping under the most trying of circumstances. Whether it is on the bed, in a car seat or literally among their toys, sleep is sleep. It is not always necessary to rock a child to sleep especially in a new environment. Newborns tire out pretty fast and will drop off at the top of a hat. If your child is unusually picky about how he or she sleeps, the quality of their sleep or has bouts of sudden unexplained crying, it is highly recommended to see a pediatrician to have your child examined for problems.

If you have a particularly fussy child, you can try swaddling them. While many parents believe that this is an outdated method of just calming fussy babies, swaddling has a myriad of benefits. Not only does swaddling give a newborn a sense of womb-like safety, but it also helps keep the baby comfortably positioned in the right sleeping posture. It also helps keep the child from injuring themselves if they tend to thrash around a lot. When done correctly, swaddling is one of the best ways to handle a baby between naps and keeps them contentedly warm. Most parents will also remove all clothes when swaddling, but that will depend on the climate.

The final myth to crack is the addition of rice cereal to night time feedings to keep the child full for longer. Newborns and young children cannot digest milk and rice diet, which leads to several complications. Rice may only be introduced into the diet after the age of 4 months. These are some easy tips which can help you a great deal.

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