Are LED Grow Lights Beneficial In Urban Farming?

led lighting

Global warming is fast becoming a serious environmental threat to all parts of the world. As a measure to conserve energy, most industries are now resorting to LED lighting systems which considerable reduces the heat produced. LED lights are also being intensively utilized to create Greenhouse effects. You can see examples of how effective such methods are when you go through features in

It has been proven, by articles in sites like, that LED grow lights have been beneficial in many ways, when set so to create a greenhouse effect. The plants growing under such circumstances tend to be more healthy and productive also.

The benefits include:

Longer lifetime
The LED lighting system has a longer life than all other alternative illumination systems. The reason being, the diodes that emit light in an LED bulb uses much less energy and still is highly efficient .Unlike other lights, they do not stop working suddenly. You get the indication when the brightness reduces. This way you can always find time to install the next set of lights. The life extending property is what helps in the greenhouse. Plants need to be exposed to light for longer periods. This ensures healthy and flourishing growth. As there is no need to change the lights frequently, lesser maintenance is also facilitated.

Optimum Wavelengths
There is a specific criterion regarding the temperature and light conditions under which plants grow optimally. The temperature and light conditions in a greenhouse should be monitored well so that photosynthesis occurs as in natural conditions. It has been discovered that LED lights have a wavelength that favors these conditions. The LED technology comes handy here.
Chlorophyll absorption rate is the highest when the wavelength of light received is between 500 nm to 700 nm. Most light sources fall out of this range. However the LED light transmitted comes within this range.

Immense Energy Savings

LED lights are extremely efficient in saving energy. Sodium lamps which were prevalent earlier were hugely responsible for reduced energy preservation. They used to consume a large amount of energy and were not economical at all for the greenhouse owners. Studies have revealed that LED Lights reduced the energy consumption totally by 40 percent. This is indeed a great saving rate for all green house owners.

Flexibility in design

Greenhouses are designed in various sizes and shapes as per the space availability. This is also applicable to the lighting and other facilities present there. LED lights can be installed in so many flexible designs. It is optimum for all kinds of lighting arrangements and can also be installed easily to for your green house layout. They can also be placed directly above the plants for better growth prospects.

LED lights produce more light and less heat. This makes them more beneficial when compared to other lighting systems. Plants need more light for their photosynthesis. In the absence of light with suitable wavelength, they will not survive for long. Lots of damage is caused in the absence of proper lighting. LED lights are the answer to all these problems.

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