Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool During Burning Summers

If you think global warming effects only humans, think again. The continuously rising heat is a danger to your pet and wild animals too. Today we talk about the ways we can keep a dog cool during the scorching summer season. A dog fan is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your dog’s sweat evaporates faster and keeps him/her cool. https://dogordog.com/best-dog-cooling-fans/ has a range of cooling fans one can choose from for a dog. Three other ways to keep your dog’s temperature at optimal are detailed below, but you can get the Full List Here.

Since we live in a world where there is a gadget to solve any problem, there is one for our canine friends too. Besides a cooling fan, one can buy a cooling collar or vest. There are even beds available that can regulate temperature. Another miraculous gizmo is boots for their paws. We know that most dogs are not comfortable wearing boots, but during peak summers the pavement and the floor can be burning. Dog shoes can prevent harm to their paws when they go outside.

The most obvious way to keep the temperature from affecting your pet is water. Ensure that your dog is hydrated at all times. Keep a water bowl ready at all times. Dogs consume water at a faster rate during summer months, so keep an eye on the water level and refill as much as possible. If the temperature is unusually high, then think about adding a few ice cubes to the water.

Invest in a kid pool. This technique has a two in one advantage. A dog can use it to cool down the body, and you can use it for a dog bath. Fill in the pool with water and keep it outside. The dog can either sit in it or splash around – this depends on the preference of your pet. Not all dogs are very fond of water. The best pool will be a plastic one with a shallow depth. They are economical and sized for children. This depth allows dogs to wade in or just lie down without the fear of drowning.

Grooming the dog is one other way to keep them cool. Though, it is to be noted that cutting short the hairs of double-coated pets will not help at all. The top hair is meant as insulation. Therefore, they protect the dog from heating up or burns. The undercoat is the canine’s natural way to cool down. It is this part that has to be cared for to keep the body temperature at average. Combing the undercoat will remove all tangles and dead fur. This will allow for proper air flow which in turn keeps the dog cool. A matted undercoat will not only make the dog uncomfortable, but it is also unhealthy.
Grooming, hydration, water pool and cooling gadgets are the four simple methods through which you can keep your dog healthy and happy when the temperature hikes.

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