How To Care For Your Silver Jewelry?

silver jewel

There could be nothing more exciting than to find sparkling new jewelry which you have owned recently or a gift received from someone who thoughtfully has given it to you. Such excitement of wearing expensive ornaments as well as the appreciation you receive from others are spellbound and cannot be described by words. The great feeling you experience in such times stems from the shine and polish of your jewelry collection. With a perfectly polished Floating Charm Lockets on your neck, you can magnetize your friends and other relatives and thanks to glittering shine these ornaments radiate to attract others. Use this review to know how to care for your silver ornaments and other items by which you can draw the eyeballs of your guests and other.

Like any other item, silver too can lose its shine and polish and becomes dull and gives a faded look. This is mainly due to the two prime factors namely tarnish and patina. The former can occur first in your silver, and the latter is less known to many of us. Patina is a kind of finish that can develop on the surface of the silver items whether they are often used or not. Silver ring shows this patina effect by showing tiny marks on the surface. On the other hand, tarnish is nothing but a chemical reaction on the metal which can be easily removed.

The real cause of silver tarnishing is the air we breathe which makes us live. Without it, we cannot exist even for a minute. The air contains both oxygen and sulfur which react with any silver item or jewelry and forms a dull film coat on the surface of the white metal. The color of silver can change from light yellow to black depending on the quality air. This reaction will occur in all the silver ornaments which you use occasionally. It is, for this reason, most of the jewelry shop owners always keep their silver items well polished at regular intervals. Tarnishing effect can also be due to the exposure to seawater and other soaps used by the wearer.

All types of silvery items should be cleaned with soft cotton or flannel cloth. You should not use any synthetic materials to clean these items as it can cause some severe scratches on the surface of the metal. The market also provides you with an exclusive silver cleaning cloth which contains sone anti-tarnish ingredients. It is always suggested not to use this exclusive cloth for any other purpose and should always be kept in your jewelry box for quick cleaning. For removing light dirt on the surface of your silvery item, you can use a little amount of liquid detergent or soap with a half a cup of warm water. Use this combination it allows the item to get dry after cleaning. Always remember that tarnishing your silver jewelry is an easy task and it will no way prevent your enjoyment of your lovely silver jewelry.

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